August 12 1980

Chance Was Born

Jennings Legion Hospital, Louisiana

May 3 1984

His First Guitar

At the age of 3 Chance picked up his first guitar and played Elvis.

August 19 1995

Drama & Theatre

At the age of 15 Chance took interest in Drama & Theatre.

October 21 1995

Public Speaking

Chance gets his first taste of Public Speaking.

September 19 2015

Life Coach

Chance became a Certified Life Coach.

March 15 2016

Back To Vegas

Chance moved back home to Vegas.


Chance Trahan was born in Jennings, Louisiana. Shortly after he was born, his mom left his dad and moved to Houston, Texas where Chance would spend his years growing up, going to school and learning music. His mom met his step-dad and they moved to San Antonio, Texas. After the relationship crumbled, Chance and his mom moved back to Houston where he would spend several more years going to elementary and Jr. High without a father figure. Chance's mom knew that he needed one, so she ended up with his step-dad again and together they all moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is where Chance would finish out High School and start breaking into the music scene like he had always wanted to do.

Trouble seemed to follow Chance wherever he would go, and he struggled to maintain the path that he had set out for. After living in Colorado for about 5 years, it came time to move out, and so he chose to follow his favorite band at the time, Slipknot, and meet them in Portland, Oregon. He met a girl there and they lived together for a while but one month later when it didn't work out, he moved in with a band mate in Salem, Oregon. When the band member's dad started beating on their mom, Chance motivated the mom to call the cops on the abusive drunk father. This got him kicked out in a month of living there. The band members stole Chance's brand new guitar and amp that he had just bought, so now Chance was broke and out a rather expensive investment into his career, so he called his mom and moved with her and his step-dad again but this time in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The year was now 2000 and anything was possible. Chance managed a local band named Sic Inside and he took the band to new heights, selling out shows, namely one on the Las Vegas BLVD strip inside of Gameworks. After the band broke up Chance started pursuing his own music, collaborating with several artists, all the while working on his own brand of music.



Chance started taking his talents seriously and put all of his energy into his music and wrote several albums on his own. It wasn't long before Chance had made a name for himself in the underground scene, especially after his success with Sic Inside.

When Chance began recording, he was using a Sony Vaio desktop computer. It had all he needed to record guitar, vocals and program his drum beats. He had learned how to do all of this from the lead singer of Sic Inside, who had learned on the streets from friends on how to record from home and passed the knowledge to Chance.

Chance spent several years crafting his music, learning the basics of guitar, practicing and recording vocals, rehearsing performances in garages, trying other people's songs at karaoke and performing at open-mic. Chance noticed that his music was rare and that he had a knack for getting positive attention when performing live.

In 2005, Chance started out posting his music on MySpace and promoting it from home using the computer in order to test his market. His MySpace following reached well over 50,000 fans, received plenty of positive feedback and he knew that he had better start writing more music. Chance stayed busy throughout the years doing just that.

His music speaks for itself when it's being played. Chance's tone is that of an alternative rock groove, his voice has a rasp that others relate to Kurt Cobain, Staind, Bush and many others, but Chance likes to take songs he hears and makes them his own when covering them. Though Chance plays cover songs, he likes to focus mainly on his own originals.



Chance became a Certified Life Coach in 2015 after attending school at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona. He was at a rough patch in his life living as a male victim of domestic violence and having his kids ripped away from him viciously by his ex. Chance found refuge and comfort in the humbly aggressive teachings of Richard Seaman, whom would later inspire Chance to actually become a Life Coach. It was Richard's modalities he blended into his classes that sparked Chance's curiosity into the school itself.

Richard would first entice Chance by hosting a class about unlocking your supernatural abilities, all the while incorporating guided imagery meditation and weaving in hypnotherapeutic speech tactics that would help Chance begin his journey in getting over the trauma he endured. Chance would pickup these skills and incorporate them into his own creative methods and modalities.

Chance already had Massage Therapy modalities under his belt after graduating from Dahan Institute of Massage Studies in 2003, and started getting ideas on how to create the ultimate relaxation techniques that assist those whom have PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Battered Spouse Syndrome. Chance also helps those who seem to cruise through life in autopilot and can't seem to break the cycle that makes a strong difference in their life that is much needed, and with the use of Chance's extremely detailed curriculum, he can help you get the breakthrough you deserve.









Life Coaching is a professional service that differs vastly from counseling, mentorship, advice giving, therapeutic services, and consultation. Each professional Life Coach's coaching process is different, however, there some key areas are always addressed in each session, or at least should be. Each session typically addresses personal projects, success in business, dealing with circumstantial setbacks, and creating the motivation to participate in life's activities. As a Life Coach one has to be careful to protect the Client's privacy, because Life Coaching sessions can, and usually do make heavy transitions full of emotion and can bring up deep-rooted issues due to the client's personal life, feelings, relationships, or even what's going on in their profession.

The Coach and Client should then explore all possible solutions by examining what is going on the Client's life right now. With Chance as your Life Coach, you can begin discovering what your obstacles are that block your forward progression, help yourself overcome these challenges that might be intimidating you, and get over whatever is causing you fear. We all deserve to be happy at some point in our lives, so why wait til later to address what you've been putting off that's stopping you from living the life you've always dreamed of? The time to change your life is now, and Chance will carefully guide you to your own solutions and will craft you a Guided Imagery session that will open you up to all possibilities and keep you in remembrance of what you've learned along the way.



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